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Insurance Companies and Their Payment Accommodations During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By March 27, 2020June 5th, 2020No Comments
insurance companies and their payment accommodations during coronavirus

*(UPDATED 6/5/2020)* Insurance Companies’ Accommodations During Coronavirus.

I’m sure many of you have questions about payment issues these days. Here is a list of insurance companies that are offering premium payment accommodations during this crisis we are all going through. If you have any questions, you can contact our office or your insurance company.

Carrier Contact Info Billing Options
Accident Fund 866-206-5851 June statements sent to policyholders will include past due balances with due date 20 days from statement date.
Auto Owners 800-288-8740 Allowing changes in pay plan to monthly and offering a grace period by moving due date by 14 days due to quarantine period. Will reduce personal auto premiums by 15% for April and May and will not charge back commission to agency. Moratorium will remain in place through June 15th.
Berkshire Hathaway 877-680-2442 Notices of Cancellations sent to insured will include document notifying them to contact PC Client Services to request extensions until 06.01.2020 for auto/prop policies
Builders Mutual 800-809-4859 Cancellations suspended for non payment for 30 days 03.18.20 to 04.14.20 including audits.  All fees including NSF will be waived during this time.
Central Insurance 800-786-9052 60 day no cancellation, at the end of 60 days the amount will be due.  No fees, including reinstatement, and service fee will be charged. No CNX notices will be mailed to policy holders (for 60 days)
Chubb Insurance Voluntary 60 day hold on cancellations and non-renewal notices beginning 03.23.20 with no late fees assessed during that time.
Cincinnati Insurance 877-942-2455 (C) Late fees waived for pymts atleast until 04.30.20 for all lines of business. Personal auto policies will receive 15% credit per policy on their April and May premiums. Also waiving restrictions on policyholders now performing delivery services.
513-870-2002 (P)
800-783-4479 (L)
CNA 877-276-7507 Suspending all non pay cancellations/waiving late fees until 06.01.2020
CSU 877-942-2455 CSU has suspended cancellations until 4/30/2020. No late fees will be charged.
EMC 800-333-3622 30-day hold on cancellations for non-payment of premium for those policyholders experiencing hardship through June 15, 2020. We will continue to work with any clients experiencing extreme hardship on a case by case basis.
FCCI 800-226-3224 #3 All late fees waived on payments due  03.23.20 – 05.31.20
FEMA 800-759-8656 Extending renewal premium payment grace period and additional premium due from 30 days to 120 days for policies expiring through 06.15.20
Frontline A hold has been placed on all non-pay cancellations until April 26th and will be re-evaluating this time frame for any extensions as the date draws closer. Invoices will generate as normal, but any pending or future scheduled will be placed on hold. However if a policy has recently cancelled for non-pay, please contact Underwriting to request the policy be reinstated to allow additional time for the payment to be made. Otherwise we will not be removing cancellations that have already been sent out.
Hanover Insurance 800-922-8427 Regular cancellation practices will resume effective June 1st.
IPFS 877-995-6818 Holding cancellations and waiving all late fees.
Isurity 336-869-3000 Moratorium on notice of cancellations for non pay will be lifted on June 1, 2020.
Johnson & Johnson 800-868-5573 After the intent to cancel is sent to client, they can call and request ext. & payment will be extended till 05.13.20. Must receive NOTICE first! Partial Payments will be accepted.
Liberty Mutual 888-451-8414 If client will call billing department, they will work with them individually and all late fees will be waived.
Markel 888-500-3344 Regular billing practices have resumed as of 05.31.20
National General 877-468-3466 Defering payments for 30 days. IF client calls customer service they can also request to stretch a payment over their remaining installments when available. 15% credit on voluntary coverage being applied effective immediately.
NCJUA 844-627-6637 Deferring payments of premium for property from 03.27.20 – 04.26.20. Insured will need to call to request this deferral.
Philadelphia Insurance 877-438-7459 Moratorium will be lifted beginning with June billing cycle. June statement will include all past due and current due balances w/ payment due within 30 days of invoice for agency bill and 21 for direct bill.
Progressive 877-776-2436 Extensions offered thru 04.30.2020 on both personal & commercial accounts.  Client will need to call customer service to set up arrangements. They will not reinstate policies that cancelled prior to 04.01.20
Selective 800-735-3284 Cancellations are being held until 06.15.20 but they suggest clients make some portion of their payment if possible. Clients will receive 15% discount on both personal and commercial accounts. Any that paid in full will receive a refund check mid June.
Traveler’s Insurance 800-842-5075 (P) Suspending cancellations and non-renewals thru June 15th.
800-252-2268 (C)
UPC 800-295-8016 If client will call their billing department, they will adjust payments on a case by case basis.
West Bend Client can email to request payment arrangements. Cancellations suspended 03.23.20 – 04.19.20. Clients will continue to receive late notices.
Wingman 410-228-1717 Installments on all accounts regardless of premium size. Payments can be received up to 30 days after the effective/invoice date for installments.
Zurich 800-258-8157 DNOC suspended 03.24.2020 through 06.01.2020, but late notices will continue to be mailed.