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“Safety 4th”

By July 1, 2011July 26th, 2019No Comments

You’ve heard the old saying, “safety first.”  Few of us actually heed this warning in the face of pure, American fun.  Holidays are a big deal, and no holiday brings out more flammables, cocktails, raw meats and other dangerous items, and combines them into one 18 hour celebration.

According to the National Safety Council (aka Party Poopers, Inc.), the combination of travel, alcohol and fireworks has made July the nation’s deadliest month, and the 4th our most dangerous holiday.  While few people actually set out to injure themselves, it’s not really all that shocking that drunk people igniting small rockets in their driveways do just that.

Here are a couple of reminders this 4th, to stay safe:

1)  Have a DD.  Yes, I mean a designated driver.  I know that finding DDs (especially on holidays) can be tough.  But, do what I do and call a pregnant friend.  Offer to buy them a nice prenatal massage in exchange for driving you and your celebratory crew around.  Win win.  Or, find a 17 year old high school senior who will do ANYTHING to get out of the house for a night.  Offer him nothing.  He gets to drive.  That’s it.  Trust me, he’ll be more than grateful.

2)  Have a CFO.  In this case, I mean a Chief Firework Officer.  The CFO is not aloud to drink until after his ignition duties.  More people lose fingers, eyes, toes, faces and other important appendages on the 4th than any other holiday.  Why?  Because drunk people do stupid things.  Friends don’t let friends drink and ignite (or drive).  And, don’t let the kids set off the roman candles.  This is grown-up stuff.  It’s actually even illegal in NC, so be careful.  Besides bodily injury, people have also been known to set their homes on fire because of fireworks.  Not a fun way to celebrate.

3)  Be Grill Smart.  Cook all burgers, chicken, ribs, pork shoulder, etc. to the proper temperature.  There’s nothing worse that food poisoning on the 4th of July.  Trust me, I had it 2 years ago.  The emergency room is overcrowded with drunks missing fingers. If you don’t know how to “feel” if the meat is ready simply by touch (and, most guys don’t even though they say they do), invest in a digital meat thermometer

Those simple things will help you stay safe and have a great 4th!